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Achieve Maths

c. 90 videos. c. 8,000 subscribers. Joined in 2014.

Achieve maths provides videos mostly for Edexcel, GCSE and OCR, A-level Maths. Videos include coverage of whole exam papers and each one will keep you busy for at least an hour and a half. You will also find exam questions covered by topic and an interesting set of random videos under the playlists.

Amos Maths 

c. 39 Videos. c. 50 Subscribers. Joined in 2014

This one is slightly different in that it is just for A-level and aimed at supporting this teacher’s group of students from Nuneaton. These are still a useful set of videos for anyone studying maths and there are also some interesting playlists from other channels on YouTube.

Crash Maths

c. 80 Videos. 2,500 subscribers. Joined in 2011

Crash Maths offers a stylish approach to revision with a website connected to the channel to offer a few extra features. Focus is in Edexcel, GCSE and A-level courses and videos go over exam paper questions.

Exam Solutions

c. 3,500 Videos. c. 62,500 Subscribers. Joined in 2006

With a vast number of videos to watch you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for at Exam Solutions. Videos here also include animations and cover all major exam boards. For a detailed explanation of the site, watch the following video. Access to all videos is much more user friendly though the,

Maths Videos by jayates

c.520 Videos. c.12,000 Subscribers. Joined in 2008

This Maths Tuber has been building up revision videos aimed at helping students with KS3, GCSE and A –level Maths for quite a while. The website, although simple, organises videos in order of topic and difficulty and makes it much easier to access them than YouTube. Videos are filmed using good old fashioned pens and paper with Jayates expert instruction voiced over.

Mr Hegarty Maths

c. 1,120 Videos. c.35,000 Subscribers. Joined in 2011.

Lots of videos here for KS3, GCSE and A-level Maths students.  Mr Hegarty’s enthusiasm and style make for engaging videos  and he has one of the most popular Maths YouTube channels.  Videos are arranged by topic and maths questions are displayed though a screencast and annotations. There are also a significant number of papers that focus on Edexcel exam papers. Mr Hegarty works closely with Mr Arnold so here you get two teachers for the price of one.

Mr Jeffery Maths

c. 200 Videos and c. 800 Subscribers. Joined 2013

This channel has a good range of videos which focus mostly on GCSE but there are also clips for years 8, 9 and A-level. Videos are made by screencast of maths questions and Mr Jeffery explaining the questions, clearly and concisely.


c. 320 Videos. c. 1,500,000 Subscribers. Joined 2011

This is much different to the other channels and so much more popular. If you don’t need to worry about passing exams and just have a genuine interest in maths this is where you need to be. Engaging videos from the top number geeks courtesy of the popular video maker Brady Haran.

Raw Maths

c. 500 Videos. c. 4000 Subscribers. Joined in 2011

The focus here is on GCSE and best access is though the website Here you can brush up on your basic skills or move into the more advanced material with Higher Maths or Maths Challenges. Some of the videos also contain useful links for My Maths and over resources.

UK Maths teacher

c. 1,100 Videos. c. 15,000 Subscribers. Joined in 2013

Videos on this channel support all major UK exam boards although most of them reference Edexcel. The website organises the clips in a user friendly format and has worksheets connected to each topic. Most videos use past exam questions with annotations to make sense of each topic.

Still not enough? Then try these…

The Maths Teacher– Tips on 2048 anyone?

Vi heart– Fun from the USA, popular channel.

Maths Made Easy– GCSE organised by grade.

Maths GCSE PastPaper Solutions– Good for revision.

DLBmaths – Scottish Maths.

The Maths Man– A few short videos on GCSE topics.

Maths 3000– More popular than you would expect.

Mathsarus– A dinosaur in the world of GCSE and A-level Maths.

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    Fun resources for teachers, homeschoolers, parents, students and you.


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