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Success in teaching and raising children is determined by many factors. To name just a few of them, these are the methods of education and upbringing, the age characteristics of children, the current level of their development, and much more. In addition to the above, an important factor in child development is the teacher himself, who takes on the role of teacher and educator.

A professional teacher is the only person who devotes most of his time to teaching and raising children. Other adults, including the parents of the child, are busy with their professional problems and household chores and cannot devote much time to children.

What can be the continuous education of modern teachers? Organized teacher training needs to provide them with as many opportunities as possible. First of all, it is:

  • advanced training of teachers through a system of short-term courses on the basis of universities and agro-industrial complex: basic, targeted and experimental;
  • retraining, i.e. obtaining a new specialty by a teacher;
  • internships and exchange of specialists of educational institutions;
  • training of personnel of the highest scientific qualification through postgraduate study, competition, magistracy.

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