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Just a quick post to share something with Top Ten Teacher readers. Founders 4 Schools is not related to subject resources specifically but something just as important, maybe even more important than doing well in school. Founders 4 Schools helps students to make the difficult choice of what to do when leaving school. Where there isn’t significant careers advice in schools this platform can help fill that gap. Ensuring students are employable at the end of their time in school should be just as important as getting good exam results, yet I fear this aspect of student development is often overlooked.


So what is it?

There are literally hundreds of company directors and executives searchable on their platform using your school postcode. Choose those of interest and Founders 4 Schools checks to see if they can speak in your school. All areas of the curriculum are catered for and you don’t have to be a careers advisor to use the site. I can see this working for subject teachers who want to bring their lessons to life by providing a context for subject matter. There is also the option to take students out to local companies with help provided by Founders 4 Schools in how to complete this.

This is a great idea, a free service and can also help employers search for new talent. More information about how to get your school up and running is provided in the video below. For direct access to the website use the following link.


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