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There must be something in the air at the International School of Toulouse that makes teachers there want to share their resources with the rest of the world. For geography there is Matt Podbury’s site called Geographypods; the mathematics department have a site called Teach Mathematics, both of which look like excellent websites. Today, however, I am sharing with you Active History. This is Russel Tarr creation from sunny Toulouse in the south of France.



You will need to subscribe to Active History to make the most of this site. As of April 2016 the cost is £40 for individual use and £100 for the whole school, which is less than a set of textbooks and there are materials here for year 7 up to school leavers, at age 18. If you are new to teaching history this could be a good option as there is enough material here to plan your lessons, for all year groups, for the whole of the year. Starting in year 7 with ‘What is History?’, you are provided instructions on what to teach. This is free. The links to various worksheets, interactive games, virtual interviews, simulations and quizzes are what you have to pay for. Play with casimba casino and earn without leaving your home!

Manic Miner is one of the games you can trial for free but be warned it is slightly hypnotic and involved flying pigs! There is also some history in there as well for anyone learning about Germany between the first and second world wars. Games use flash player so you will have to ensure this is turned on for them to work.



Manic Miner, learn history while avoiding flying pigs.

The Head to Head, virtual interviews are another option avaiable where you can interview famous people from history such as Winston Churchill or Josef Stalin. This is fascinating idea but I hope the subscription versions works better than the free trial. Anyway, enough of the games, a trial of one of the worksheets for a year 7 group is available in the link and as you can see the instructions are clear and the task engaging.

As previously mentioned, topics are arranged by year group, from year 7 to 13 and then you choose the topic you want to study. Materials cover IGCSE and GCSE courses as well as IB and A-level so lots to explore for the keen Historian.  On top of all the teaching materials there are also some excellent links to books, films and TED talks, all history related and all of which can be explored in more detail.

For more information on Active History, visit the site and if you like what you see pay the subscription fees and use it in your lessons. Dont forget to come back and share what you think using the comments box below to help others get the best resources for teaching and learning.

Enjoy learning, TopTenTeacher.

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