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It would be difficult to find a teacher in the UK who hasn’t, at some point, used TES; for their jobs, resources or forums. The resources, are provided by teachers and are used in classrooms throughout the country on a daily basis. Teachers download over 3.4 million files per week and with 2.6 million registered users, it is a massive website. On top of that it is still growing thanks to promotions in the US market and regular sales reducing the prices of resources for buyers. It has seen a lot of changes in the last 6 months and I am sure there will continue to be more.

Some UK teachers may have ventured further afield and have used TeachersPayTeachers. This resource site is based in the US and has proven so successful that it supplemented many teacher’s much needed pay. The top 10 most successuful have, collectively managed to sell over $5million worth of materials. The full story can be found at the business insider.

There is certainly a market in educational resources and now there is another visitor to the stage. Teach In A Box has been on limited access recently, only available to teachers to upload their resources. As of 21st October 2015 everyone has access to the resources and it’s well worth checking out. The minimal royalties for your selling your resources will certainly attract some . It is based in Australia but has also been designed for teachers from the UK, US and and other English speaking countries.

So here it is:

 Teach In A Box

TeachInABox is a global staffroom of educators sharing resources, ideas and expertise. TeachInABox offers a platform for teachers to buy, sell and share teaching resources. Its Free to join TeachInABox and it is the world’s first marketplace to provide teacher sellers with 100% royalty on sales! There is also a large catalogue of Free resources available for immediate download. TeachInABox is on a mission to empower teachers and help them take charge of their careers whether it be professionally or financially,  all while promoting the distribution of knowledge and expertise amongst the teaching community with the overall goal of improving the education provided to children worldwide. TeachInABox hopes that by providing such an outlet for teachers, this will help create more dynamic and engaging classrooms as educators have a buffet of tried and tested teaching resources and ideas to choose from and implement.

teach in a box

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