Vini from Quizalize contacted me this week to tell me about how they have now connected to the student tracking site called, Zzish. This makes Quizalize much more than just a way of making online quizzes as you will see. What follows is from Vini, then there is a short TopTenTeacher review.


“I believe that teachers should not be spending hours on end completing complex data tasks. They should have more time in class, with students and a healthy work-life balance so they can genuinely enjoy their job. Would you agree?

As a former teacher, now working with Zzish, we have spent the last few months working super hard with our teacher community to create this new platform that allows you to do so much more in a short amount of time.

From Today you can to set your various student activities all in one place and see complex data in an easy way.


The real power of Zzish lies in the progress view. This enables teachers to compare any two tasks and see how much their students have improved.



We no longer want to see teachers overloaded with paperwork. We want to help you be amazing teachers that get stuck in and truly enjoy teaching. As for the all the complex stuff, we’re here to help with instant online messaging.

View the improvements your students have made today! Simply login to Quizalize and go to your classes.”

Thanks Vini

I tested Quizalize myself and I can see how it can easily show progress of students and provide data to prove it. Students can also retake the quiz to get a better result and you can identify which ones improved the most or which questions they struggled with.

Setting up the questions is easy and the only time consuming part is actually writing the questions and answers not figuring out how the program works. There are a few pre-made quizzes you can use and over time, with more users, I can see these increasing in number so that there will be no need to create new sets of questions in the future.

Once the quiz is created students type quiz.al, their name and a class code (in my case bwf791) and begin; really easy! This doesn’t need an app to download and works on any browser so you can even try it right now using the details above. Hint, the correct answer to question 3 is shown below.




Currently Zzish, the part that provides all the student tracking information, only works with Quizalize but  in time the developers hope to link to other apps and games such as Rocket Math and Revision Buddies.

More information is available on the website but if you like what you see try it out and see for yourself how it can best suit your learners.

Enjoy, TopTenTeacher.

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