Top Ten Qualities of a Teacher

  1. Dedicated- So no gossiping about SLT in the staffroom.
  2. Patient- So grit your teeth when mum says he is a nice boy really.
  3. Respectful- OK, Children lets not make a big deal about David’s big spot.
  4. Trustworthy- I will look after that phone
  5. Open minded- Bring back the cane.
  6. Integrity- No posting embarrassing photos on facebook
  7. Wise- How to wing your way though an inspection.
  8. Perceptive- Showing a video on Friday afternoon, last period.
  9. Educated- Many evenings spent in the pub when education used to be free.
  10. Intelligent- I know my subject but cant change a light bulb

Please comment at the bottom of the page with your top 3 or top 5.

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