3P learning produce a range of educational media for Maths, English and Science and are probably most well known for their activities on World Maths Day and World Educational Games. The hugely competitive, and additive Mathletics will have to take a back seat today as we take a look at Spellodrome.



Spellodrome is an interactive way of helping children improve their spelling though a variety of game based activities. Games include, Crossword, Word Detective, Word in Pieces and Word List Workout and are mostly targeted at age 7-14. Choose from a selection of 10,000 words that best suit the users current level or select from one of the pre-made word lists.

This could add a little variety to the weekly spelling test or just for fun at the weekend. It also may help to target those words that, for some reason just don’t stick in the memory. Dyslexic children with a fondness for computers and gaming would also benefit.


For teachers it is easy to be able to keep track of progress and would be great to set as a homework activity.


To add a competitive edge gather a small group and find out who is the best speller.

A 14 day trial is available at the website but you will have to provide your school details and wait for a call back. Then decide if it is worth paying for permanent access. Pricing plans are available for schools and individuals. This is a worldwide company so don’t worry, you can get this anywhere, so long as you have device and internet connection that is.


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