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And dont forget if you are a teacher, student or a parent and  like any of these websites make sure you vote at the bottom of the page. Many of these websites have free content, but details that follow will focus on what you get if you pay a little extra. These websites cover most subjects but if you are looking for specific subjects use this page, Top Ten Subject Teacher


-The Top Ten list. (more details to follow)


Discovery Education

This is the formal education side of the discovery channel which shows science, history and technology programs such as Mythbusters. However, there are a range of resources for different subjects with material for most tailored for the UK market at KS3 and GCSE subjects. In fact it has more than 8000 resources, 3800 of which are videos and covers 16 subject areas. Additional features include Daily and Weekly news, Quiz builder, Board Builder, and Assignment Builder. Which you can find out more about here.

e.Chalk -loads of great animations to interact with.

GCSE Pod – great for students on the move.

Person Active learn– interacting teaching support from this well known publisher

Marked by teachers

Materials here for students from GCSE to University level with a focus on sharing essays and assignments. By reading completed assignments that have feedback from teachers it is intended that students can write better essays of their own. Advice on essay writing skills is also available. At the time of writing access is £3.33 per month for access to thousands of essays.

SAM learning– revision resources, for your school, for all subjects.

Teachable – buy credits and download resources to use in the classroom.

Teachers Pay Teachers– Equivalent of TES in the USA.

Teachit– some free material but subscribers get much more.

TES premium resources- Like the free material just better.

Tuition Kit – Free trial to access videos for English Maths and Science.

Twig world– short educational videos for Maths Science and Geography.

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