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SO happy to be the first one to post on this new blog. I like the idea to aggregate the best of the highly diverse educational content out there in one place.

We’re a husband-wife duo who is releasing math music videos on Youtube. We will be adding to that over time with worksheets that correspond with the videos along with a whole host of novel ideas that will help make math more fun.

Here’s what we’re about… is an online learning company producing educational songs and videos for kids which was founded by an innovative 5th Grade teacher who envisioned a new kind of classroom where students got energized for math class. Parents of his students even noticed their children singing math songs around the dinner table well beyond school hours.

Seeing his students so enthusiastic when it was time for math was welcome, to say the least! But the epiphanous moment was when students were singing math songs all-day long like they were in the American Top 40!

We’re curious to see how our teaching resource will be used now that we have shared them with a broader audience. Thanks for your interest.

You can subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel here…

Guest post, from Number Rock.

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