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BBC Bitesize


Resources for 5 to 16 year old students on just about any subject it is possible to study in a UK school. When you are done with English, Maths and Science try Sociology, Electronics, maybe Irish? All the main exam boards are covered (AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC and CCEA) and are all combined in one resource. Revision materials are easy to access with plenty of images, some of which are interactive. Added to each topic are tests and videos but the activities are the favourite of most students. This is a popular site that most students and teachers regularly use.


Get Revisingget revising

Part of the student room group, this resource has a library of worksheets, presentations and flip cards. You will have to be careful to avoid clicking on the adverts to get what you want but it is worth it. For access you just need to provide a password and email to have access to nearly 200,000 resources. Resources are available for most subjects at GCSE and A-level then students can have look at what they may study at University. A helpful study planner can be downloaded to help organise revision. They also have a nice feature whereby you can search for exam papers but subject and exam board.




Stop searching for resources make your own. Once you sign in, providing your email, password and a few other details you have access to your dashboard where you get creating. Choose between a mind map, flashcards, quizes and notes. Videos on all of these are available for guidance. This is great for collaborative learning as you can invite others to join your group, message them and work together on projects. If this is all too much try searching for other people’s resources and save them to your dashboard.


The Guardianmpu

Probably better know for the teacher network and jobs than the resources but this is site, for teachers rather than students has lots of materials to download. It is easy to search for materials using level; early years, primary and secondary and subject with all the main subjects available. All resources are free and choice is available in terms of content and media type. You can build a selection on your favourite resources on your own profile that can be scheduled for use when required.


O2 Learning Zone Xu4hkKN6_400x400

O2 learn doesn’t seem to have any new materials since 2013 but still has a big library of educational videos. Videos can be filtered by subject and exam board, with AS/A-level/IB/GCSE and KS3 all catered for. Videos are uploaded by teachers and many are rated to find the best quality.


Revision World revision world

Lessons are organised in categories for GCSE and A-level and then by subject for easy access to suitable materials. Typical format is a short written text with video to help embed understanding. Revision help is also available with timetable planning to help organise students on the run up to exams. Career or university advise is also available for planning for the future.




Resources are available for english, maths, all the sciences, and most other subjects although a few, such as history seem to be missing. Choose your topic by using the filters provided and work the the different steps to get the most from your revision. Step 1, revise it- straightforward text explanation with images and animations. Step 2, test it – a choice of exam questions or multiple choice for most topics with feedback provided. Step 3 involves a short summary of the lesson. One of the best on this list for revision in preparation for exams.


One of the largest collections of worksheets, powerpoints, videos and resource packs available. Just search for what you need and the majority of the time resources will be available to download or adapt if required. Resources are shared by teachers and although some of them require payment the majority are free.

Set up in 1999 by an English teacher from Bath, this company has grown to offer other subjects but English remains at the heart of what is on offer. Worksheets are prepared by teachers and many are available for free so long as you are prepared to join as a member. If you want access to some of the interactive resources or you want to edit pre-existing ones, then there will be a subscribers fee for you or your school.


The Student Roomthe student room

An excellent student networking platform on many subjects. Join to chat about subjects more use the resources available to download. Create your own resources plan your revision time there is much more available here than just revision materials.




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