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Here you will find some of the best FREE maths resources available on-line. Share what you like about your favourites and if you think some are missing write a comment at the bottom of the page or contact me using the following link

-The Top Ten Teacher list.


Corbett Maths

corbett maths

Great site; I particularly like 5 a day which gives you 5 questions to complete a day. That will be every day, 365 days, including Christmas! If you don’t want that, which is understandable, try the videos, practice questions, textbook exercises or puzzles.




This site has been around for a while and is still been updated with relevant resources. There is a large selection of old SATs papers that some will find useful for KS3. Otherwise there is a sizeable GCSE revision booklet, videos and games to keep any maths student very busy.


Mr Barton Maths

Mr barton maths

Free resources for GCSE and A-level. These include big revision e-books which are both colourful and easy to read. There are also a range of exam papers, revision tips and links to other maths sites.



These resources , from the University of Cambridge, are for students all the way from primary until GCSEs. You will find different zones for teachers and students and a lot of on-screen reading and interactive text. You can even navigate your learning though underground mathematics.


Paisley Grammar School



Nice summary notes, worksheets and homework’s all neatly organised for those lucky students at Paisley Grammar.




If you cant find what you are looking for in any of these links then this site will provide you with the best resources from everyone else. Students will find the links useful but maybe this site is more for teachers with an engaging maths blog to share tips and opinions. This is more than just a resource site.


Solve my Maths


This is another blog style site with a big resources section. The animation and humour sections set this apart from the other sites on this list.


Study Maths


There are a variety of resources here, games, worksheets, revision notes and more. I particularly like detention dash.


Maths is Fun


What used to be called ‘Subtangent’ is now ‘Maths is fun’. This is a colourful site with lots of content, images and some interactive tasks.




Innovation in mathematics educ

This looks like a basic site but follow the links and you will find loads of great worksheets. This site is from the University of Plymouth.


Other resources:

Maths Site Resources – Word files, excel speadsheets and pdfs arranged in year group from 7 up to 13. There are not resources for every topic but most material is covered.

Kangaroo Maths – Some free resources some interactive such as this one then a separate section for subscribers.

Ultimate Maths – Lots of on-screen text covering all the main topics in Maths mostly for students up to 14 but some older ones will benefit. There are a few quizzes and lots of links to other parts of the curriculum.

National STEM Centre – Not just maths here so will will have to filter results by topic and age range. It may take a little while to find what you want and you will have to register to access resources.

Maths Mutt-A lot of on-screen text for students to read, a good place to start if studying a the Scottish exam board.

Mathed Up– Lots here for GCSE and A-level maths mostly for teachers as some of the resources are for interactive whiteboards.

Interactive Maths– sounds great, and I am sure there are some great interactive resources here unfortunately some of the programs didn’t work for me.

The Chalk Face– Some files to download such as this list for A-level and use but this is mostly used to advertise private tuition.

Just for A-level

StudyWell – Free A-Level resources with links to past exam papers. You can also get exam questions and worksheets by topic and can visit the StudyWell maths shop.



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  • 1st February 2016 at 9:12 pm

    From Math Tricks For Teachers US site.
    New resource for your consideration.
    Check it out:
    Math Tricks – Math Fun For Everyone

    PS: Please share Math Tricks with your students.

    • 22nd July 2016 at 4:55 am

      It is great, all this content if free. I will use these in my lessons.


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