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Filling the Pail is Greg Ashman, blogging from near from Melbourne in Australia. This hasn’t, however, always been the case as once he was known as Harry Webb and had a different blog called Webs of Substance. Learn more in this post. 13 years in state schools in London lead to Greg to becoming a deputy head teacher and getting his head teacher qualification before moving to Australia.

When not teaching maths he could be found completing a PhD in educational physiology and instructional design. His is more than qualified to write a book of some substance called ‘Ouroboros’ which has received some excellent reviews. One of which can be found in the following link.


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Origin: Australia.

Blogs on: pedagogy, educational research, teacher training, UK and Australian education.

Examples of his work:

Six signs that you are a progressive educator.

What makes a teacher and why does it matter?

Can false choice be an object of research?

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