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Edusites EnglishEdusites English

Edusites has resources for English, Film and Media and covers GCSE and A-Level. There is plenty of material available for free but to have full access you will need to pay an annual subscription fee for each subject. Resources come in the form of guidance on what looks like all aspects of English teaching from all exam boards. It looks pretty comprehensive so the extra, enrichment material may be worth the high price tag.


English Bizenglishbiz

This ‘back to basics’ site has numerous guides, such as, how to analyse different texts and how to write well. All the guides are free, no subscription is needed and focus is on students studying GCSE or IGCSE. Worksheets are downloadable and can be printed if you want student to focus on a particular area. Practice exam questions are linked to the worksheets to test understanding.



the Englishcompanion

English Companion

Although you need to subscribe to this site, and it is based in the US, once you have filled in your details, you have access to a huge community of English teachers. You get your own profile page where you can tell everyone about yourself. There are many different ways to interact with other teachers; you can discuss topics of interest in the chat room or read other teacher’s blogs. The forum is huge with many topics to contribute to, then when you have had enough of that there are hundreds of videos to watch.


The English TeacherThe English Teacher

This YouTube channel, which although not as popular as other English channels is still uploading new videos and well worth investigating. It covers material for English language and literature with focus on IGCSE, Edexcel and WJEC. For A-level there are at least 15 videos for students studying using AQA specification. While other channels may aim to boost grades, The English Teacher going for all out for  A*s. If this gets too much lighten the mood with Coconut Woman by Harry Belafonte.



Geoff BartonGeoff barton

This site was originally set up by one of Geoff Barton’s students for £50 and I think they have done a pretty good job. As Geoff says it is nothing fancy but you will find a lot of resources here and even more links to the rest of web. Worksheets are great for the students of Geoff but finding what you need may be a little difficult to track down. The hundreds of links provided mostly document Geoff’s work; he has been a prolific writer over the years.



International Children’s LibraryInternational Childrens Library

This library provides electronic books via a child friendly platform so that anyone can use it, no matter how ICT literate you are. Their mission is to provide reading materials for children from across the globe in their native language. This means that there is access to books in more than 42 different languages with many different titles available. There is no need to register for any of these books and all materials are free. If you do become a member you can give something in return and add to the library or translate for the benefit of others.


Litnotes UKLitnotesUK

A simple to use site set up by Val Pope, a teacher and lecturer from Newcastle. There is a lot of material here for anyone studying or teaching Media, English Language or Literature at AS or A-level. You will find analysis of text, such as, ‘The Winter’s Tale’ and guidance on the use of pronouns. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this material has been updated recently as the sections referred to as ‘new’ are dated from 2007!


Mr BruffMr Bruff

Mr Bruff runs a popular YouTube Channel with videos uploaded every day or two. Although admitting to never being the best behaved student in one of his Vlogs, he still managed to get good grades in his exams, and now he encourages others to do the same. He make sure that students are well prepared for their GCSE English literature exams with playlists which analyse Frankenstein, Macbeth, Of Mice and Men, among others.  There are also videos for English language as well as a few for A-level. Finally, if you need revision guides for the new GCSE this is the place to get them.



National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) is a group that focuses on improving standards for teachers and students from Early Years to University. They provide publications, access to current research as well as regional and national conferences. They also work with a range of specialists who can offer consultancy to discuss everything from gaps in gender achievement to poetry. If none of this takes your fancy then check out their resources page.




Set up in 1999 by an English teacher from Bath, this company has grown to offer other subjects but English remains at the heart of what is on offer. Worksheets are prepared by teachers and many are available for free so long as you are prepared to join as a member. If you want access to some of the interactive resources or you want to edit pre-existing ones, then there will be a subscribers fee for you or your school.


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