Eduvee Review

Eduvee Review

These blog posts are where I hope to review the very best resources, tools and technology to make life that little bit better for teachers, students and parents. Some websites and organisations have some great material which is engaging, thought provoking and could hugely accelerate learning. Unfortunately,  much of it isn’t being utilised fully but it really should be! This Eduvee review is one of many at my website, toptenteacher where you will get the very best and most up to date resources that will keep you hooked on-line and hooked on learning. 


Today I will be looking at Eduvee, which stands out amongst the crowd as a great site for science revision. Although revision is the main focus students are also using this site for in class support as well as it being a useful tool to help with homework. 98% of users found the Eduvee useful and I am pretty sure you will too. They have won numerous awards from the likes of the Department of Education, Pearson publishing group and edSurge; an influential US based edtech company. You will find other experts promoting Eduvee on their homepage.


dept ed                     edsurge

So what is it? To start with it is free, which is always good as I don’t know many rich students or teachers. Once you sign up by providing you email and password you get access to your dashboard. Here you can tailor your revision according to your exam board or country. (UK or US) Edexcel Science, additional science and further additional is on offer as well as separate sciences for AQA and Edexcel. This is a transatlantic venture based in London and San Francisco so you can have access to AP courses and honors. Eduvee have considered those others not studying under these courses by providing a general biology, chemistry and physics pages.

Capture 1

My dashboard -I have a long way before finishing my revision.

Once you have picked your courses it is time to make a start. Sets of questions are neatly organised under specific topics to help students to focus on areas of weakness or what needs to crammed for the forthcoming test. Each time a set of questions is complete it is logged on your dashboard which is great when it comes to preparation for final exams. Students can see which topics they have completed earlier in the year and make sure they have covered content for the whole course. Frowning and smiley faces help student to self reflect on their understanding of each question and feedback on correct and incorrect answers is given immediately.




Another feature I like shows how other students have answered the question which again promotes self reflection.



Each answer comes with an explanation to extend understanding and help embed knowledge to long term memory. Many questions are multiple choice but Eduvee have managed to incorporate longer written answers to encourage students to express their answers in more detail.

A lot of revision sites for sciences focus on just multiple choice due to the difficulty of checking if answers are correct or incorrect without human intervention. This passes it back to the student to decide; here is the answer, have you got it correct?


Clearly the wrong answer…


OK, I am a student and after answering a few questions I realise I am getting them all wrong and I need to do more revision on how ‘rocks are formed’. Eduvee have taken this another step forward with some extra features.

‘Study’ gives text and images of the likes of bitesize and better. When learners are happy their understanding they go back to the quiz page and attempt again. If they think they will need to review this topic again they save it to their playlist to review again at a later date. After a few months of usage a tailored playlist is built up of all the trouble topics that just will not stick.


There is more; videos cater for students who prefer watching and listening to reading. Key-terms give a good list the vocab needed for each topic and learning objectives are available to help focus on the key ideas.

6                 5

There are so many features here that I could go on but I will leave you to investigate and use Eduvee to best suit your needs, the needs of your learners. I am sure there will be much more on offer in the future and to keep up to date follow @eduvee on Twitter.

The final aspect I couldn’t resist is to tell you about is just for teachers, get this in the classroom, tell your students about it and start using ‘groups’


Thanks for reading this Eduvee review. If you have used it before and want to make a comment, fill in the form below. And don’t forget to share, best wishes, Toptenteacher.

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