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There are resources on line, available for maths students that are sometimes lacking in some substance. OK, they may be fun, kids play games and tell you they ‘learnt lots’ and really ‘enjoyed playing’. Are they REALLY learning? Conquer Maths claim, they get results! So what is Conquer maths and how do they get results?

Like other maths revision sites such as Hegarty Maths, (also here) and Corbett Maths, (more here) Conquer Maths also uses videos combined with assessments as the main source of learning.


Key features for Students:
  • Maths from 4 to 18 years old.
  • Over 1200 videos of around 5 min each.
  • Diagnostic test with printable report to identify gaps in knowledge.
  • Onscreen questions and activities which adapt to learners’ ability.
  • Printable worksheets, with answers to help students set out answers in clear and logical manner.
  • Suggests lessons that would be helpful, given current student progress.

Conquer Maths

Key features for Teachers:
  • ‘Curriculum designer’ allows teachers to rearrange, rename and delete lessons. Teachers can also alter pass marks, have student admin and can arrange grouping.
  • Set tasks and homework through as a teacher with deadline date and automatic marking. Tasks can be set for individuals, or groups.
  • Ongoing monitoring to track students over time and identify areas of strength or weakness.

So if you want to students to learn Maths at the pace they are comfortable with, using videos and questions Conquer maths should certainly be an option. Students appear to like picking the topics they are interested in or what they need to revise for the next test. If it sounds like something that could be beneficial, perhaps give it a free trial?  After the initial trial period current cost for a parent with 1 child is £99 for a year, however other subscription options are available.

Find more information in the following videos but remember to let us know if you like Conquer Maths. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends if they may be interested or leave a comment below.

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