Adam Up Maths

This one is a little different any may be helpful for those teaching SEN students or anyone who wants to add a bit of fun into primary/early years maths. You can follow Adam Up, a young alien, though his journey of developing basic maths skills. This is mainly completed though watching videos with songs and music. Unreal winnings only with cleopatra slots gratis make yourself happy!



How does it work?

Mostly using videos, a full list of which can be found on their YouTube channel. Videos are based on four core areas of maths, Numbers, Timetables, Data and Shape/Measure and may require some audience participation. Singing maths songs may not be for everyone but certainly worth trying for some. The whole site is very colourful and aimed at grabbing the attention of those students who may find maintaining periods of attention difficult. As well as the music videos there are a selection of worksheets, games and links to other sites such as the Adam Up flikr page where you will get access to a few posters.

For some foot tapping good music and support to those just starting to learn maths visit Adam Up Maths now.

Also available at twitter @AdamUp_maths and facebook


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