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Finding out about the world of education outside your own school is fascinating, and never ending journey and although meeting standards, marking and behaviour management are important it wasn’t why I went into teaching. Maybe you are the same. There are endless ways to teach your students and vast knowledge waiting to be consumed and shared with others but, wait, there is a problem….. There is just so much information how do we know where to start? Constant thoughts in your head how to become rich and successful? With the new sizzling hot spot you will receive an answer!

Hopefully TopTenTeacher will introduce you to the best of the web for UK education and beyond. Browse or scrutinise these pages for best practice, to benefit your students, to improve your professional development or just follow your interests. Because learning is fun….. isnt it?

Please be aware that the lists on this website are some of the best and all 10 are great, just in different ways. If you think there are websites missing, let me know any maybe they can be added to the site, leave a comment or send a message using the contact form below.

Happy learning, Top Ten Teacher.


I always try to ensure that images used on this website are in the public domain but this is not always possible when providing so many reviews. Many images are taken from searches and screenshots but all are referenced back to their original creators. If, however, you are the owner of an image featured on this website and you decide that you do not want it to be used or you want it to be changed then please let me know and I will respond promptly.

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Constructive feedback and collaboration opportunities are welcome.


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