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In the educational process almost everything depends on teachers. Their initiative, creative activity, non-standard thinking, the desire for renewal and innovation, mastery of modern educational information and communication technologies are indispensable conditions for the development of the education system and its progress.

Remembering the words of John Dewey, “We are depriving children of a future if we continue to teach today the way they taught it yesterday,” the modern teacher must keep pace with the times. He needs to enter into “competition” with new technologies and the Internet in order to be “on the same wavelength” with students, provide them with up-to-date information, know and be able to do a little more than is required at the moment.

Toptenteacher is an educational portal where u can find answers to all questions regarding teaching.

Toptenteacher features:

  • We save your time – you study all the materials remotely, which means that you study without leaving your home and work.
  • We save your energy – you choose an individual training schedule, taking into account your workload at your main place of work.
  • We help your students – you can immediately, without delaying for months and years, put into practice the studied methodological techniques and pedagogical technologies.
  • We expand your horizons – having studied the materials proposed in the section, you will better navigate the information resources of the Internet, as well as new areas of pedagogy and teaching methods.

Anticipate changes, create something new – this is the credo of the modern Teacher! The use by teachers of the possibilities of new information and communication technologies is one of the main requirements of our time. The ​Remote General Education project was conceived to help the teacher master information resources for their further use with maximum benefit in the educational process.

The correct use of teaching resources allows diversifying educational activities, increasing students’ motivation for a particular subject or topic of the lesson, successfully forming educational competencies, including those aimed at working with information from various sources, and cultivating an information culture.

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