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Top Ten Teacher list.

Below are 10 Top Education blogs; most are teachers, or at least have been teachers at some point, and all have taught in the UK. The 10 listed are my choice only. I have tried to include bloggers who already have a sizeable following and post regularly not just the ones I like and read regularly. Over time some bloggers move onto other things, change their topics of interest and their jobs. My aim is to update this list but if something has changed or no longer true I would be happy to change what I have written. Feel free to suggest new blogs not listed here at the bottom of the page, otherwise contact me here…

There is a list of primary School Bloggers here and I hope to have a list of bloggers from the USA and specialist subject bloggers in the future.

Filling the Pail

Filling the Pail is Greg Ashman, a British national blogging from Australia. This hasn’t always been the case, 13 years in state schools in London lead to Greg to becoming a deputy head teacher and getting his head teacher qualification before moving to Australia. When not teaching maths he could be found completing a PhD in educational psychology. Otherwise he is writing writing posts on his blog with many focusing on the strength of direct instruction compared with inquiry learning. His is more than qualified to write a book of some substance called ‘Ouroboros’ which has received some excellent reviews. One of which can be found in the following link.


ICT Evangelist

Labelled as ‘Most influential blogger in the UK’, Mark Anderson has a host of other awards relating to his blog and the work he has done in ICT. He has 20 years of ICT teaching experience he is now working as an independent speaker and education consultant. His book, ‘Perfect ICT Every Lesson’ topped the amazon education charts. Regular blogs will keep you up to date with the world of ICT and Ed Tech; everything from iPad apps to leadership. The YouTube Channel is also pretty helpful.




The Learning Spy

David Didau, began blogging in 2011, frustrated at the current state of UK education. He is now an author of three books and posts regularly on this popular and influential blog. The most recent one called ‘What Every Teacher needs to know about… Psychology’ offers some useful insights into how students learn and applies it to a classroom situation. On his blog his ideas hit hard and offer alternatives solutions so effective that they have changed Ofsted practice on lesson observations. This site is a must for anyone interested in cognitive psychology and educational research.




The Confident Teacher

Alex Quigley is an English teacher and Director or research at Huntingdon School in York. Currently he has published two books, ‘Teach Now! English’ and the ‘Confident Teacher’; both of which have had good reviews. He also occasionally writes for TES and Teach Secondary Magazine, examples of which can be seen here and here. Posts are often about how to improve students learning with references to cognitive psychology such as working memory used as evidence. Other posts reference work done by others, particularly the Education Endowment Foundation who Alex has done work with. Writing is direct, to the point and often relating to material in the recent book.




Run by Amjad Ali, the blogging page of popular site called Try This -Teaching Toolkit. This site provides over 250 suggestions of ‘tried and tested’ activities to how to teach. The blog serves as an outlet for reflections from an assistant head teacher with responsibility for inclusion. Topics include pupil premium and special educational needs among others.





Scenes From The Battleground

One of the longest running blogs in the list, this one takes a serious look at the political and historical climate of education. There is no holding back in criticising the state of UK education with many blog posts devoted to OFSTED. Run by Andrew Old, a well-read blogger also provides summaries of education blogging week by week. He is also mostly responsible for the Education Echo Chamber, with its comprehensive list of over 3000 UK education blogs.



Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa

Not her name but  Latin meaning, ‘a blank slate’. Her real name is Katie Ashford, an English teacher with a mission! Director of inclusion in a north London school she discusses some of the problems with education and tries to find some solutions as part of her day job. Popular in the blogging world as well as the twittersphere.




TEACHING: LEADING LEARNING      teaching learning leading

Chris Hildrew is a senior leader working in south west England. He is committed to state education by teaching English and media studies and uses this blog to share ideas receive feedback from the educational community. Involved in an initiative called  the ‘growth mindset’ Blogs are a good mix of text, images and video for easy reading.




Love it or hate it, Ross Morrison McGill’s blog is hugely popular. When not occupied in his day job as a deputy head teacher of a school in a North London. You will find blog posts here every day or two, a selection of resources most aimed at school leaders but his 5 min lesson plan can be used by anyone wishing to reduce planning time. Buy one of his books or hire him for an event he must be the most promoted and popular teachers in the UK.



Trivium 21c

Martin Robinson has 20 years teaching in London state schools. This career began as an English and Drama teacher and he progressed up to assistant head. Now he has now turned his attention to writing and consultancy. You may also see him delivering a keynote speeches at various conferences. His blog focuses on topical issues such as the arts in education, news media and politics. Topics are diverse and posts are well read with many people choosing to debate and share their thoughts.



Further Reading:

3D Eye -Creativity, pedagogy and well-being.

Calamity Teacher -English, planning and schools.

Esse Quam Videri – Reading, assessment and curriculum.

Fish64 – MFL, head of department and traditional education.

Geoff Barton’s Pick ‘n’ Mix -English language, literacy and teaching.

Horatio Speaks – Philosophy, knowledge and mastery.

johntomsett– Headteacher, author and leadership.

Laura McInerney – Media, policy and Schools Week.

Love Learning…. – Debra Kidd, author and campaigner for an evolution in education.

Must do better… – English teaching, assessment and leadership.

Mr Histoire – From the chalk face, teaching and learning.

Mr Lock’s Weblog – Teaching, schools and assessment.

Pragmatic Education -Michaela, teaching, research, leadership.

Reading all the Books -Michaela, English, reading, reading and more reading.

Stack of Marking – Teacher stuff- gifts, passion, mistakes and duties to name a few.

The Confident Teacher – English, teaching and learning, and evidence in education.

Teaching and Learning Guru– Teaching, leadership, edtech and workload.

The Traditional Teacher-Knowledge, policy and teaching.

The Wing to Heaven – Daisy Christodoulou, assessment, evidence.

Tom Bennett’s School report (Behaviour Guru) – Education media, politics and a whole lot more.

Link to Primary school bloggers.


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  • 30th September 2015 at 3:24 pm

    My personal favourite is the Learning Spy as David’s views on lesson observations ring true to my experience. Every person that comes to observe lessons has their own agenda on what they are expecting and for the teacher it is better to know the observer than to be able to teach or have your own ideas. Feedback is not on how to improve learning but what they are expecting to see in their own personal check-list and improvement always seems to involve doing more work instead of making changes to current practice.

  • 5th December 2016 at 9:33 am

    Great list. I like it. I will check it one by one all your blogs. It will really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog with us.

  • 5th April 2017 at 10:06 am

    This is an excellent list, I really like it. I will check them all one by one, it will be really helpful for me, thanks for sharing.


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