Primrose Kitten

Primrose Kitten

‘Kittens are easy to understand, let’s make science easy as well’..!




This is a wonderfully personal approach to learning Physics and Chemistry where I am sure you can get to know Primrose and this accomplished teacher as you learn. The website is a great place to start as videos are arranged according to exam board with seven different exam boards catered for at GCSE level. For A-level students there is a separate YouTube channel with tips on exam preparation, practicals as well as the main content.

At GCSE level the content is well explained with occasional lessons on practical skills included. Primrose Kitten is a Konoz user where to subscribe to her lessons and subscribe to other video based courses, for other subjects.  Joining primrose Kitten on Patron will give you access to extra videos and multiple choice questions. You will also help to support the production of more videos.

There are over 400 videos available across GCSE and A-level YouTube channels, so lots here to keep students busy.


One thought on “Primrose Kitten

  • 25th June 2016 at 6:52 pm

    I often use this site for revision. It was really helpful for my exams.


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