Mission Explore

This one is a little different and should be a lot of fun for children who like taking photos or learning about different locations though images. The basic aim of Mission Explore is that the user is set a challenge, they take a photo related to that challenge and they uploaded it to the website. Users get to share their photos with people from around the world, earn badges for completed challenges, and move up the leader board.

Multiple users can then take photos on the same challenge and they can ‘like’ each others photos and comment on what they thought of the mission. A nice feature is that you find out where the world the photo was taken, helping to improve children’s understanding of geographical locations. This relies on the user pin-pointing exactly where on the map they live so young children may need some help from a parent at times.

Mission ExploreOnly one explorer from the south east on this mission.


Choose your mission carefully as some instructions may seem a little vague and it isn’t always clear what needs to be done. The photo below comes from the following mission:

‘Sit quietly outdoors. Spot and sketch as many animals as you can in one hour.’

Mission Explore

Mission accepted, although maybe a sketch would be better!

Other missions are of a similar style and they can be filtered by subject such as science, history, languages, basically all the main subjects in school. Missions can also be chosen by popularity or star rating and it is worth sitting with your son or daughter to make sure they are clear on what to do. I can see Mission explore being used by parents and and children on a sunny afternoon when looking for a fun outdoor activity to do together. Try Mission Explore by clicking on the following link.

And don’t forget to let everyone know how it went using the comments section below.

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