Fuse School

Subscribers 40,000

Videos 500.

The Fuse School makes secondary schools education videos in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, business studies and ICT. Videos are suitable for any course or curriculum with a variety of topics covering GCSE and A-level. This is an ethical business aiming to improve students’ achievement around the world with free learning for everyone. Videos are made using specialist teachers & talented animators to make sure they visually impressive and factually correct.

You can also sign up to the website where you have an easy to use platform and you can save all your progress. Watch videos by topic or enrol in a course and watch the whole set. Chemistry students are well catered for, although some subjects have more videos than others so have a look if there is anything for you. The website has a lot of social options such as the chance to join communities and comment on videos you have watched. Unfortunately you may find it a little quiet until there are more users but it has great potential for the future.

Watch videos from fuse school below.

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